About the comic book-in-progress

Hungry & Wildhearted is a graphic novel that interweaves illustrated tales of love (young & old), the growth of a family, the spiritual wars raging (outside and within), the blood spilled (by folly and demonic possession), and the oppression of souls happening in front of our eyes. All while: Our protagonists question their own sanity and that of humanity’s current blinding conditions, and depicting a cast of characters seeking beyond themselves to reconcile with a world gone mad.

Story – Renata & Jaime Morren

Drawings/Art – J

Words/Colors – R

(& with eventual help from those who know better)


below: drafts for “Protagonist”, “Setting”, “Native People” & “Perhaps Today” panels …

“Hear the trumpets! Hear the pipers! One hundred million angels singing…”


& … here’s the slow process of revising, just the illustrations alone – the writing has been even more nuts…


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