almost done… writing

As we might have stated elsewhere on the internet, we are very bad at reaching out to let interested people know how this project is going along. Simply: its really hard making a book ; just writing it (and giving life to the flow of everything) is hard enough, aside from just believing in ourselves that its a worth-while project… and who knows how long the art is going to take… as I go crazy if I don’t draw, I have approximately 60 pages of art drafted out of pieces of stories (just bragging), but its all stemmed from bursts of chapters begun, not yet sewn together…

HOWEVER This week we told ourselves that we would finally take all the brain-storming ideas, random panel ideas, and short story chapters and fit them into a way where we know exactly how the story is going to unravel. Its an exciting push! We have been brainstorming and trying to work every night now for almost 2 years (on-top of jobs & the regular obligations, raising kids, taking care of a very, very, fat cat (he was always fat since we knew him when he got rescued, so please don’t blame us – we even put him on a diet!)… and prior to that we were just learning how to work (with short stories, getting a style of drawing down, understanding the basics of making comics, learning how to say “No” to social engagements, most conspiracy theories (not all), et cetera) … So its akin to taking off one ball & chain, and then re-attaching a new one – but WE remain excited. Renata has so much she wants to say, but I am praying that my push for simplicity finds us in a manageable sweet spot, where the story, characters and observations meld firm.

Hope to share more soon!!

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